The History and Practice of Mazdori: A Concise Guide to the Ritual Smoking of Tobacco

Introduction: Tobacco is one of the world’s most addictive substances. It has been used for centuries to control people and societies, and it remains a major source of assistance to those in power. In this guide, we will explore the history and practice of mazdori, an ancient custom that involves smoking tobacco in order to please a deity.

What Mazdori is.

Mazdori is a traditional smoking ritual in Iran. It is an ancient way of enjoying tobacco that has been used for centuries. Mazdori cigarettes work by burning tobacco leaves in a special oven called a qiblah, which is located in the middle of the room. The heat from the oven vaporizes the nicotine from the tobacco leaves, which then is drawn up into the smoke organ. This process produces a high that can be enjoyed for hours after consumption.

How Do Mazdori Ritual Smoking Cigarettes Work.

Mazdori cigarettes are typically smoked in one continuous stream, with each puff providing about 1/4 of a lvl of nicotine hit. The nicotine content of Mazdori cigarettes ranges between 18 and 24 mg per cigarette, making them relatively low-nicotine options compared to other types of cigarettes. In order to produce this high level of nicotine hit, Mazdori smokers rely on a unique technique called tarabzi (ڤربابي). Tarabzi involves breaking down the tobacco leaves into smaller pieces and thensmoking these pieces together like cigars. As the smaller pieces are smoked, they create more vaporized Nicotine than when smoking larger Tobacco Leaves as seen in other types ofcigarettes. This allows for a higher amount of nicotine hit without having to resort to more difficult techniques like tarabzi.

How to Make Mazdori Cigarettes.

Mazdori cigarettes are typically made by boiling the tobacco leaves in water for a few minutes until they turn a light green. Once the leaves have turned a light green, they are then boiled for an additional minute until they become fully cooked. Once the leaves have been boiled, they are then crushed into small pieces and heated until their liquid is evaporated and the tobacco Leaves start to smoke. This process of heating the Tobacco Leaves and crushing them into small pieces produces a high-quality smoke that is similar to that experienced with traditional pipe smoking.

The History of Mazdori.

Mazdori is a traditional form of smoking tobacco. It is a type of cigarettes that was originally used in the country of Iran. Mazdori was first mentioned in the Quran in the book, Surat al-Furqan (The Spoils of War). The Quran refers to it as an “old custom” and says that it should not be followed by those who are weak or without spirit.

How Did Mazdori originate.

Mazdori began to be smoked during the Safavid dynasty (1736-1792). The Safavid dynasty was led by Emperor Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal. They were known for their strict adherence to Islam and for their efforts to improve the education and welfare of their subjects. During their rule, tobacco became more popular than ever before.

What does Mazdori Mean.

Mazdori means “to smoke” or “to use” tobacco in Persian. It is also known as “Quran smoking” or “Ritual Smoking of Tobacco” because it is believed that this type of Smoking helps improve concentration and focus on religious texts.

Tips for Successful Mazdori.

Mazdori smokers should always use a tobacco pipe. This is because the traditional way to smoke Mazdori cigarettes, called “mazda,” is with a tobacco pipe.

Make sure you are smoking Mazdori cigarettes in a traditional way

Mazdori cigarettes must be smoked in a traditional manner: with a tobacco pipe. This means that the cigarette must be smoked from start to finish, from the filter to the bowl.

Smoke Mazdori cigarettes in a well-lit room

When smoking Mazdori cigarettes in a well-lit room, it is important to make sure there is enough light for the smoker to see the tobacco and ashtrays.

Be sure to keep Mazdori cigarettes in a cool place

It’s also important to keep Mazdori cigarettes in an environment where they will not cause any fire hazards (like on the dashboard of a car).


Mazdori is a traditional Iranian cigarette, which is often used as an energy drink in the morning. Mazdori smokers do many things different from other cigarette smokers. For example, they often smoke Mazdori cigarettes in a traditional way with a tobacco pipe. They also often smoke Mazdori cigarettes in well-lit rooms. Finally, they should keep Mazdori cigarettes in a cool place to avoid them from going bad.